The Wiz

This smash Broadway musical sets Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz to a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music!

The Wiz




This smash Broadway musical sets Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz to a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music!


This orchestration is based on the Original 1975 Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium but many theaters and MD’s opt to have the conductor on the P/C book.

There is a synth/K2 book but it is really non-essential to the orchestration. It has some fun synth sounds that add layers to the live musicians, but unless you are a purist, most productions do not bother with the programming for this particular show.


Music & Lyrics by: Charlie Smalls
Book by: William F. Brown
The new musical version of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by: L. Frank Baum
Music orchestrated by: Harold Wheeler
Vocal arrangements by: Charles H. Coleman
Dance arrangements by: Timothy Graphenreed
Featuring songs by: George Faison, Timothy Graphenreed and Luther Vandross
Featuring songs with lyrics by: George Faison and Luther Vandross
Musical Director: Charles H. Coleman


A beloved Broadway gem, The Wiz infuses L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a dazzling mix of rock, gospel and soul music. This timeless tale of Dorothy’s adventures through the Land of Oz is a fun, family-friendly, modern musical and one of the most popular shows in the Concord Theatricals catalog.



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