The Life

Gritty, powerful, funny and explosive, The Life takes a frank look at street workers plying "The Oldest Profession" in 1980s Times Square.

The Life


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Gritty, powerful, funny and explosive, The Life takes a frank look at street workers plying “The Oldest Profession” in 1980s Times Square.


This licensed orchestration is based on the Original 1997 Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium. There are 2 keyboard books in this show, both with programming. All of the orchestra books are handwritten but it is very neatly done and legible.

Keyboard 1 is the primary piano book and only has a handful of unique patches but those include various acoustic and electric pianos, a tack piano, harp, clavinet, harmonica, strings, french horns, marimba, and vibraphone. This book can get difficult in spots so a proficient player would be best who could navigate the part and the programming.

Keyboard 2, although not as technically difficult as Keyboard 1 has a lot more programming. Most of it is just orchestral padding to the live instrumentalists. Some of these patches include strings, brass, clavinet, B3 organ, woodwinds, saxes, harp, celeste, marimba, harmonica, and the ever favorite Orchestra Hits to name just a few.



Music by: Cy Coleman
Lyrics by: Ira Gasman
Book by: David Newman, Ira Gasman and Cy Coleman
Based on an original idea by: Ira Gasman
Musical Director: Gordon Lowry Harrell
Music orchestrated by: Don Sebesky and Harold Wheeler
Vocal arrangements by: Cy Coleman and Doug Katsaros
Dance arrangements by: Cy Coleman and Doug Katsaros

Original 1997 Broadway Orchestra

Conducted by: Gordon Lowry Harrell
Associate Conductor: Joseph Baker
Keyboards: Mark Berman and Joseph Baker
Trumpet: Gregory L. Gisbert and Hollis Burridge
Woodwinds: Mike Migliore, Tom Christensen and Dale Kleps
Guitar: David Spinozza
Drums: Warren Odze
Bass: Gary Haase
Percussion: Dave Yee
Music Copying: A Notable Company Ltd. and Katharine Edmonds
Musical Coordinator: John Miller


A gritty, powerful, and vibrant look at street workers in Times Square, The Life is charged with emotionally revealing songs and realistically conflicted characters. Trapped in a location and situations most of us would avoid at all costs, Fleetwood, Memphis, Jojo, Sonja, Queen, Mary, and Lou struggle to survive and maybe, to get out. Cy Coleman’s celebrated jazz and pop-inflected score includes “Use What You Got,” “The Oldest Profession,” “Easy Money,” “My Body,” “Greed” and “My Friend.”


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