Civil War, The

Based on historical accounts, this gut-wrenching retrospective covers the enormous emotional landscape of a nation at war.

Civil War, The


Keyboard 2
Wind Controller/Synth


Based on historical accounts, this gut-wrenching retrospective covers the enormous emotional landscape of a nation at war.


This orchestration is based on the Original 1999 Broadway Production.

This show was written to be conducted from the piano using the Piano/Conductor Score by the MD. There is no programming in this book as it is all Piano. Although not technically as difficult as many musical theater books, it is very rhythmic and will require an advanced player who can read and play chords comfortably as some of the tunes use rhythmic notation with just chord symbols.

Keyboard 2 is a hodgepodge of instruments and patches including Harmonica, Strings, Synth Pads, Brass, and Organ. It is a fairly easy book to play by Musical Theater Keyboard 2 standards and an intermediate player or advanced high school student could play this book if they are able to play rhythmically in time and in a variety of key signatures.

There is also a Wind Controller book for a woodwind player that is programmed but at this time, KeyboardTEK does not offer this so if you choose to use this book, it would be best to find someone who has and can program and play the various Wind Controllers that are available.


Music by: Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics by: Jack Murphy
Book by: Frank Wildhorn and Gregory Boyd
Music orchestrated by: Kim Scharnberg
Musical Director: Jeff Lams
Vocal Director: Dave Clemmons
Musical Supervisor: Jason Howland

Keyboard 1/Conductor: Jeff Lams
Keyboard 2/Associate Conductor: John Korba
Guitar: Scott Kuney, Jon Herington and Gordon Titcomb
Bass: Bill Holcomb
Drums: Warren Odze
Harmonica: Michael Rubin
Trombone: Birch Johnson
Trumpet: Wayne J. du Maine
Woodwinds: Charlie Pillow
Violin: Carol Sharar
Cello: Laura Bontrager
Percussion: Roger Squitero
Musical Coordinator: John Miller


Drawing on letters, diaries, firsthand accounts and the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman, The Civil War is a thrilling and awe-inspiring “dramatic theatrical concert.” The original Broadway production was nominated for multiple Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and features an unforgettable score filled with Gospel, Country, Rock and Folk by Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, Dracula, Bonnie & Clyde).

This epic thematic revue puts a human face on the greatest tragedy of American history. It explores the experiences of the soldiers and leaders who fought for their way of life. It also examines the lives of the lovers and families whom they left behind, as well as the hopes and fears of the slaves whose freedom was at stake. This musical passionately asks us to consider our beliefs about freedom, honor and faith.


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