South Pacific (Synth String Book)

In an island paradise during the Second World War, two Americans - a wide-eyed nurse and a promising young lieutenant - discover love and confront their own prejudices.

South Pacific (Synth String Book)


String Synth


In an island paradise during the Second World War, two Americans – a wide-eyed nurse and a promising young lieutenant – discover love and confront their own prejudices.


This licensed orchestration is based on the Original 1949 Broadway Production with all the parts restored by Concord Theatricals (formerly R&H).

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium. There is no piano or keyboard book natively in the orchestration. However, due to the large string section required for the show, Concord Theatricals (formerly R&H) has made available an optional String Synth book that is essentially a full orchestral string reduction that allows any production to continue to play the show as intended even if you do not have 8 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos and 1 bass as the score calls for. As you can imagine, it is a very busy book and will require a proficient player who is comfortable playing the part with all of the keyboard programming and patch changes.

This is an optional book and not necessary to the orchestration if you have a large string section. This book is designed for those productions who have no live string players or who want to augment a smaller string section. For those theaters, this book is essential.


Music by: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein II
Book by: Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan
Based on “Tales of the South Pacific” by: James A. Michener
Original Musical Director: Salvatore Dell’Isola
Music orchestrated by: Robert Russell Bennett

Original 2008 Broadway Revival Orchestra

Musical Director: Ted Sperling
Dance and incidental music arrangements by: Trude Rittman
Conducted by: Ted Sperling
Associate Conductor: Fred Lassen and Charles duChateau
Concert Master: Belinda Whitney
Violin: Antoine Silverman, Karl Kawahara, Katherine Livolsi-Landau, Lisa Matricardi, James Tsao, Michael Nicholas and Rena Isbin
Viola: David Blinn and David Creswell
Cello: Peter Sachon, Caryl Paisner and Charles duChateau
Bass: Lisa Stokes-Chin
Flute/Piccolo: Liz Mann
Clarinet: Todd Palmer and Shari Hoffman
Oboe/English Horn: Matt Dine
Bassoon: Damian Primis
French Horn: Robert Carlisle, Chris Komer and Shelagh Abate
Trumpet: Dominic Derasse, Gareth Flowers and Wayne J. du Maine
Trombone: Mark Patterson
Bass Trombone: Mike Boschen
Tuba: Marcus Rojas
Harp: Grace Paradise
Drums/Percussion: Bill Lanham
Musical Coordinator: David Lai
Music Copyist: Emily Grishman Music Preparation/Emily Grishman, Katharine Edmonds


On a South Pacific island during World War II, Ensign Nellie Forbush, a spunky nurse from Arkansas, falls in love with French planter Emile de Becque. When Nellie learns that the mother of Emile’s children was an island native, she refuses Emile’s proposal of marriage, unable to overcome the prejudices with which she was raised. Meanwhile, the strapping Lt. Joe Cable falls in love with a Tonkinese girl named Liat, but he, too, denies himself a future due to the same fears that haunt Nellie. When Emile accompanies Joe on a dangerous mission that claims Joe’s life, Nellie chooses to embrace a future with Emile and his children, thus confronting and conquering her prejudices.


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