Saturday Night

A status-obsessed Brooklynite ultimately learns the incredible value of love in this little-known Sondheim gem.

Saturday Night


Keyboard 2


A status-obsessed Brooklynite ultimately learns the incredible value of love in this little-known Sondheim gem.


This orchestration is based on the Original 2000 Off-Broadway Production at 2nd Stage Theatre.

This show is designed to be player-conducted from the Keyboard 1 book. There are 2 Keyboard books and only Key 2 has any programming.

The Keyboard 2 book is fully programmed and although it does not have many individual and unique patches and sounds, the programming really complements the rest of the orchestration nicely when added. This book is not difficult at all and can easily be played by an advanced high school student. The patches include Strings, Glock, Xylophone, Harp, Pad, Celli, Harmonica, Celeste, Ticker Tape Effect, and Upright Piano.


Book by: Julius Epstein
Music & Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim
Orchestrations by: Jonathan Tunick
Musical Direction: Rob Fisher
Musical Continuity: Sean Patrick Flahaven
Music Coordinator: Seymour Red Press


In 1953, Saturday Night was to mark the Broadway debut of a young, new writer named Stephen Sondheim. Owing to the death of the original producer, Saturday Night’s New York opening was delayed some 47 years! But now it’s here, brimming with all of the charm and youthful vitality of a talent blossoming into greatness.

Saturday Night tells the unassuming story of a group of Brooklyn boys, trying to make good in the stock market in 1929. Unfortunately, one of them, Gene, is so eager to climb the social ladder and impress his sweetheart that he invests his friends’ money in a swank apartment near the Brooklyn Bridge, even going so far as to sell the gang’s precious automobile!

Based on a play by two brothers who were responsible for the classic film, Casablanca, Saturday Night features a fetching, tuneful Broadway-style score that hints at Sondheim’s triumphs-to-come while staying firmly rooted in the Rodgers and Hammerstein tradition. Saturday Night is a nostalgic charmer that will appeal to every audience and is a must for Sondheim fans.


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