Rock of Ages Keyboard Programming

Mainstage Rental License for Rock of Ages Keyboard Programming (PC/K1)

Rock of Ages Keyboard Programming


Keyboard 1



This licensed orchestration is based upon the Original 2009 Broadway Production.

There is only a single keyboard player in this show and they also act as the bandleader. The band is collectively known as “Arsenal” and is meant to be onstage since they interact with the cast members. The keyboardist is also the band leader. This show works best if all the musicians have their parts memorized throughout for maximum effect.

The Piano/Conductor book (referred to as Keyboard 1 in the form below) is one of the most fun books in the entire musical theater canon to play but does require an advanced player familiar with the 80’s pop/rock genre who can navigate the part and programming while leading the band. The programming consists of all the iconic sounds in the 80’s songs found in the show. Those include various acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and synths to name a few.


Book by: Chris D’Arienzo
Music arranged & orchestrated by: Ethan Popp
Original arrangements by: David Gibbs
Musical Director: Henry Aronson
Musical Supervisor: Ethan Popp

Original 2009 Broadway Musicians (Arsenal)

Keyboard Conductor: Henry Aronson
Guitar 1: Joel Hoekstra
Guitar 2: David Gibbs
Drums: Jon Weber
Bass: Winston Roye
Musical Coordinator: John Miller
Copyist: Firefly Music Service


Mainstage Rental License for Rock of Ages Keyboard Programming (PC/K1)


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Our keyboard patches require the industry standard MainStage 3® application available only in the Apple App Store. This is only available for Mac computers running MacOS. MainStage® is NOT available for Mac iOS devices such as the iPad. We apologize that our programming is not available for Windows users at this time.

  • Select EACH part/book you would like to license programming for.
  • Each book selected requires a separate computer running MainStage 3®.
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