A zany, wholesome, hilarious musical revue presented by the Little Sisters of Hoboken, Nunsense is a heavenly delight!





A zany, wholesome, hilarious musical revue presented by the Little Sisters of Hoboken, Nunsense is a heavenly delight!


This licensed orchestration is based on the 2010 Off-Broadway Revival at Cherry Lane Theatre.

This show was orchestrated to be conducted from the Piano/Conductor chair. Nunsense has 2 keyboard parts but only the Synthesizer Book (listed as Keyboard 1 in the form below) has programming.

The Piano/Conductor score is piano only with no other sounds. This is a moderately difficult book and would benefit from having someone familiar with contemporary musical theater keyboard writing and someone who can lead the small band while playing.

The Synthesizer (Keyboard 1) has over 100 different patches for the show. Most of the sounds are orchestral padding with a handful of synth elements. Some of those sounds include brass, woodwinds, organ, orchestral percussion, strings, harp, and bass. The part is not as easy as it first looks and cycles through many different key signatures so having a strong player with experience using keyboard programming would be helpful.


  • Keyboard Programmer: Ethan Deppe


Book, Music, & Lyrics by: Dan Goggin
Orchestrations by: Michael Rice

2010 Off-Broadway Revival Orchestra

Music Director: Leo P. Carusone
Conductor/Piano: Leo P. Carusone
Synthesizer: Patrick Kelly

1985 Original Off-Broadway Orchestra

Music Director: Michael Rice
Michael Rice
Sande Campbell
David Henderson
Grace Milan



The show is a fundraiser put on by the Little Sisters of Hoboken to raise money to bury sisters accidently poisoned by the convent cook, Sister Julia (Child of God). Updated with new jokes, additional lyrics, two new arrangements, and a brand new song, this madcap musical has been videotaped for television starring Rue McClanahan as the Mother Superior.


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