Miss Saigon School Edition

An epic adaptation of Puccini's Madame Butterfly explores love and loss during the Vietnam conflict.

Miss Saigon School Edition


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An epic adaptation of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly explores love and loss during the Vietnam conflict.


This version has been adapted for schools and is based on the Original 1991 Broadway Production.

The orchestration for this show calls for 3 keyboard players with a separate stick conductor. All 3 keyboards have programming that is crucial to the sound of this score. There is lots of note mapping in the parts that are not written into the books and many of the patch names are not displayed in the part. KeyboardTEK has worked with members of the original music team to recreate and rebuild these mappings in Mainstage so your keyboards will sound exactly like those on the cast recording.

Keyboard 1 is the primary piano book but there are about 25 unique and individual patches with a little over 130 patch changes in the show. These sounds include guitar, clavinet, various brass, various clarinets, and some traditional Asian instruments such as the Koto and Shamisen among others. This is a challenging book to play so a proficient player is a must for this chair.

Keyboard 2 has close to 30 unique sounds and over 200 patch changes. They include various brass and woodwinds, acoustic and electric pianos, as well as sounds crucial to the score such as Gamelan, Shamisen, Koto, and Accordion.

Keyboard 3 only has 12 unique patches but easily has the most patch changes at over 300 throughout the score so the sounds of this book are constantly changing. These instruments are Strings, Koto, Trombones, Piccolo, El Guitar, Ac Guitar, Shamisen, Bass, Clarinets, Tuba, and Bassoon.


Music by: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Lyrics by: Alain Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr.
Book by: Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg
Adapted from the original French lyrics by: Alain Boublil
Additional material by: Richard Maltby, Jr.
Music orchestrated by: William D. Brohn
Musical Director: Edward G. Robinson
Musical Supervisor: David Caddick and Robert Billig

Conducted by: Robert Billig and Edward G. Robinson
Associate Conductor: Jay Alger and Joshua Rosenblum
Assistant Conductor: Braden Toan
Rehearsal Pianist: Beth Fremgen, Peter Calandra and Jay Alger
Keyboards: Joshua Rosenblum and Peter Calandra
Bassoon: Braden Toan
Concertmaster: Mineko Yajima
Violin: Ming Yeh, Sandra Billingslea and Nicholas Milton
Viola: Mitsue Takayama
Cello: David Bakamjian and Julie Green
Bass: John Arbo
Bamboo Flutes/Flute/Piccolo: David Weiss
Flute/Piccolo: Timothy Malosh
Clarinet: Lino Gomez
Clarinet/Saxophone: Salvatore Spicola
Oboe/English Horn: Blair Tindall
French Horn: Russell Rizner
French Horns: Daniel Culpepper
Trumpet: Richard Henly and Anthony Gorruso
Trombone: Jack Gale
Bass Trombone/Tuba: John Hahn
Guitar: Doug Quinn
Percussion: Michael Hinton and Howard Joines


A tragedy of passion and beauty, Miss Saigon is one of the most stunning theatrical spectacles of all time. Nominated for an incredible number of Olivier, Tony and Drama Desk Awards, Miss Saigon is the second massively successful offering from the creators of Les Misérables: Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, and has now been adapted for high school performers in Miss Saigon School Edition.

In the turmoil of the Vietnam War, Chris, an American soldier, and Kim, a Vietnamese girl, fall in love and marry but are distressingly separated when Saigon falls. As years pass, Chris, unable to contact Kim, remarries and attempts to move on with his life. Kim, however, gives birth to Chris’ son and waits faithfully for Chris’ return. When circumstances bring Chris back to Vietnam, he learns the truth, but before he is able to speak with Kim, she takes her own life to ensurie that their son will be taken back to America with his father.

Miss Saigon School Edition is an epic, daring musical that is universal in its emotional power. The sung-through, pop-inflected score gives a multi-ethnic cast of strong singers ample opportunities to shine. Meanwhile, its fluid cinematic structure gives directors and designers a field day for creativity. Music Theatre International worked closely with Miss Saigon’s creators to ensure this lightly edited adaptation – Miss Saigon School Edition – stays true to intent of the original piece while becoming appropriate for high school performers.


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