Mean Girls

Mean Girls

Mean Girls


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This version is based on the Original 2018 Broadway Production. More information forthcoming once this title is no longer restricted and available for licensing.

When this title is available for licensing, KeyboardTEK will be offering all of  the original programming elements as heard in the original Broadway production and the cast recording. Through a partnership with the programmer Billy Jay Stein and Hiro Ida and their team at Strange Cranium, these will be the standard programming files that are available for licensing in your production.


Book by: Tina Fey
Music by: Jeff Richmond
Lyrics by: Nell Benjamin
Music orchestrated by: John Clancy
Based on the film by: Paramount Pictures
Dance arrangements by: Glen Kelly
Incidental music arrangements by: Glen Kelly
Vocal arrangements by:
Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Jeff Richmond and Natalie Tenenbaum
Musical Director: Mary-Mitchell Campbell

Conducted by: Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Associate Conductor: Meg Zervoulis
Keyboard 1: Natalie Tenenbaum
Keyboard 2: Meg Zervoulis
Keyboard 3: Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Reed 1: Steve Kenyon
Reed 2: Jack Bashkow
Trumpet: Matt Owens
Trombone: James Rogers
Guitar 1: Ben Butler
Guitar 2: Matt Beck
Bass: Ben Campbell
Drums: Jon Epcar
Percussion: Shane Shanahan
Violin/Viola: Monica Davis
Cello/Librarian: Summer Boggess
Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation, Emily Grishman and Alden Terry


Mean Girls


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