Choice and fate collide in this romantic, original story of a woman at the crossroads of her life.



Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2


Choice and fate collide in this romantic, original story of a woman at the crossroads of her life.


This version is based on the Original 2013 Broadway Production.

There are 2 keyboard books for this show and both require advanced players, particularly Keyboard 1. Although Keyboard 1 is primarily piano, there are 2 dozen patches throughout the book that often times are layered in with the piano part. These sounds consists mainly of various pianos and keyboard sounds layered in with Harp and custom synth pads. This is one of the most difficult piano parts in the musical theater canon so this book will require a very advanced player with an impeccable sense of rhythm and timing.

Keyboard 2 has hundreds of different custom patches and sounds and will require someone with extensive experience playing shows with lots of programming. Many of the patch changes occur rather quickly while playing rhythmically complex parts. Despite the hundreds of different sounds, most of them like Keyboard 1 are Keyboard/EP based with lots of custom synth pads and elements layered in. There are too many patches to list here but suffice it to say, if your Keyboard 2 player likes a good challenge, they are in for one. A truly rewarding book to learn and play.


Keyboard Programmer: Kevin Roland


Book by: Brian Yorkey
Music by: Tom Kitt
Lyrics by: Brian Yorkey
Musical Director: Carmel Dean
Music orchestrated by: Michael Starobin
Vocal arrangements by: AnnMarie Milazzo


Conducted by: Carmel Dean
Associate Conductor: Marco Paguia
Concert Master: Sylvia D’Avanzo
Violin: Matthew Lehmann
Viola: Alissa Smith
Cello: Alisa Horn
Reeds: David Noland and Rick Heckman
Trumpet: Bud Burridge
Guitar: Alec Berlin and Jim Hershman
Bass: Brian Hamm
Keyboard 1: Marco Paguia
Keyboard 2: Randy Cohen
Drums: Damien Bassman
Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller
Music Preparation: Emily Grishman and Katharine Edmonds


With unforgettable songs and a deeply moving story by the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning creators of Next to Normal, If/Then is a fascinating, ambitious and original new musical. If/Then simultaneously follows one woman’s two possible life paths, painting a deeply moving portrait of the lives that we lead, as well as the lives that we might have led.

Elizabeth, a city planner, moves back to New York to restart her life in the city of infinite possibilities. When her carefully designed plans collide with the whims of fate, Elizabeth’s life splits into two parallel paths. If/Then follows both stories simultaneously, as this modern woman faces the intersection of choice and chance.


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