Full Monty, The

A raucous, pop-rock-musical send-up of gender expectations and stereotypes... that takes it all off.

Full Monty, The


Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2


A raucous, pop-rock-musical send-up of gender expectations and stereotypes… that takes it all off.


This orchestration is based on the Original 2000 Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium but it is fairly common to play and conduct this show from Keyboard 1. As such, this requires an advanced pianist who has some jazz chops and has the ability to read chords as there are a couple of sections that have just rhythmic notation with chords. There is not much in the way of programming as this book is primarily piano but there are some other acoustic, electric piano, and organ sounds throughout which can easily be called up or programmed on any modern keyboard. KeyboardTEK does offer programming for this book for your convenience.

Keyboard 2 has the most programming for the show but it is a fairly easy book to play and the programming is easy to navigate. An advanced high school student could easily play this book. The programming consists primarily of EP’s, Clavinet, Organ, along with occasional woodwind, percussion, and synth sounds.


Book by: Terrence McNally
Music by: David Yazbek
Lyrics by: David Yazbek
Music orchestrated by: Harold Wheeler
Dance arrangements by: Zane Mark
Musical Director: Ted Sperling
Vocal and incidental music arrangements by: Ted Sperling

Original 2000 Broadway Orchestra

Conducted by: Kimberly Grigsby
Associate Conductor: Zane Mark
Keyboard 1: Dan Lipton
Keyboard 2: Zane Mark
Reeds: Lino Gomez and Paul Vercesi
Trumpets: Bob Millikan and Kevin Batchelor
Trombones: Mike Boschen and Herb Besson
Guitar: Steve Bargonetti
Bass: Chris Smylie
Drums: Dean Sharenow
Percussion: Howard Joines
Musical Coordinator: Ronald Sell
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation


Based on the cult hit film of the same name, The Full Monty, a ten-time Tony Award nominee, is filled with honest affection, engaging melodies and the most highly anticipated closing number of any show. The powerhouse team of Terrence McNally (Ragtime) and David Yazbek (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) cooks up

While spying on their wives at a “Girls’ Night Out,” a group of unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo sees how much they enjoy watching male strippers. Jealous, out of work and feeling emasculated, the men come up with a bold and unclothed way to make some quick cash. In preparing, they find themselves extremely exposed; not merely physically but emotionally. As they conquer their fears, self-consciousness and prejudices, the men come to discover that they’re stronger as a group, and the strength that they find in each other gives them the individual courage to “let it go.”


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