Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Two con men, a beautiful woman and the elite of the French Riviera collide in this sexy and irreverent farce.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2


Two con men, a beautiful woman and the elite of the French Riviera collide in this sexy and irreverent farce.


This licensed orchestration is based on the Original 2005 Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium. There are two keyboard books for this show both with programming.

Keyboard 1 is the primary piano book with various pianos (Grand, Latin, Upright, Tack, EP) but also includes other patches such as harspichord, clavinet, strings, and mallet Percussion to name a few. This book will require an advanced player to navigate the part and the programming. There are moments where the player needs to comp and improvise over chord symbols so a player that has some jazz experience is highly recommended.

The Keyboard 2 has nearly 200 patch changes and augments the band with instruments and sounds ranging from Brass and Woodwinds to Pianos, EP’s, B3’s, as well as plenty of Strings and mallet percussion. Both books require advanced players who are not afraid of lots of rhythmic playing and fast paced transitions with a touch of jazz.


Music & Lyrics by: David Yazbek
Book by: Jeffrey Lane
Music orchestrated by: Harold Wheeler
Vocal arrangements by: Ted Sperling and David Yazbek
Dance arrangements by: Zane Mark
Musical Director: Ted Sperling
Incidental Music Arrangements by: Ted Sperling
Based on the film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” written by: Dale Launer, Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning

Conducted by: Fred Lassen
Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines
Associate Conductor: Jan Rosenberg
Assistant Conductor: Howard Joines
Keyboards: Dan Lipton and Jan Rosenberg
Concert Master: Antoine Silverman
Violin: Michael Nicholas and Claire Chan
Cello: Anja Wood
Woodwinds: Andrew Sterman, Dan Willis and Mark Thrasher
Trumpet: Kevin Bryan and Hollis Burridge
Trombone: Mike Boschen
Horn: Theresa MacDonnell
Guitar: Erik Della Penna
Bass: Mike DuClos
Drums: Dean Sharenow
Percussion: Howard Joines
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, based on the popular 1988 MGM film, takes us to the French Riviera for high jinks and hilarity. Sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief, this hysterical comedy features a delightfully jazzy score by David Yazbek (The Full Monty) and was nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards.

Lawrence Jameson makes his lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their money. Freddy Benson more humbly swindles women by waking their compassion with fabricated stories about his grandmother’s failing health. After meeting on a train, they attempt to work together, only to find that this small French town isn’t big enough for the two of them. They agree on a settlement: the first one to extract $50,000 from a young female target, heiress, Christine Colgate, wins, and the other must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues that will keep audiences laughing, humming and guessing to the end!


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