Set on New Year's Eve, this avant-garde fable chronicles the struggle between love and ambition.



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Set on New Year’s Eve, this avant-garde fable chronicles the struggle between love and ambition.


This orchestration is based on the Original 1969 Broadway Production.

This is a unique show because of its age. It is one of the first shows in Musical Theater history to use keyboard programming. As such, there is a supplemental RMI Electra-Piano book that can be played separately by a third player it can be played along with the Keyboard 2 book that was played in the Original Broadway Production which is how it is done in most productions. Our Mainstage programming includes the actual sampled sounds of the original RMI so that you don’t have to go out and find one and we do offer a separate Mainstage file for the RMI book if you do want to have it played by an additional musician. If you want to know more about the RMI, click HERE.

This show is written for 2 keyboards and both parts are in the original handwritten manuscript. Aside from the RMI in Keyboard 2, both parts are primarily Piano, Harp, Bass, and Solo Percussion. Neither part is particularly technically difficult but your players must be able to play challenging key signatures and it can be a little  difficult to read in spots due to the original manuscript if your players are not accustomed to reading older Broadway charts.


RMI Model 300 series


Music by: Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by: Tom Jones
Book by: Tom Jones

Keyboards: Rod Derefinko, Clay Fullum and Paulette Houpt
Percussion: Dennis Glick, Leon Oxman and Cholli Simons
Harp: Kathryn Easter
Guitar: Jack Hotop
Bass: Sam Bruno
Music published by Chappell & Co. Inc.


Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt bring the bold, adventurous theatrical techniques that they pioneered in The Fantasticks a step further with Celebration, an allegorical winter’s tale.

On a magical New Year’s Eve, a young Orphan stumbles into the home of the richest man in the world, whose bizarre entourage includes a beautiful fallen Angel. With the Orphan’s help, the jaded Mr. Rich regains his humanity, only to find himself locked in ritualistic battle with the youth for the Angel’s love.


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