A frustrated adolescent magically becomes an adult, discovering that life is not simply child's play.



Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Piano/Conductor - Keyboard 3


A frustrated adolescent magically becomes an adult, discovering that life is not simply child’s play.


This licensed version is based on the 1997-98 1st US National Tour production.

This show is orchestrated to be player-conducted from the Key 3 chair. There are 3 keyboards for this show, all of which of which have programming.

Keyboard 1 book is primarily synthesizer sounds but also has a couple of orchestral instrument sounds as well. Some of the synth elements found in the programming include various basses, leads, EP’s, pads, and bells. Additional patches include mallet percussion, harp, piano, clavinet, dulcimer, and even a calliope. Some of the more memorable patches are “Weird Organ”, “Mitzvah Split”, and everyone’s favorite, the “PONG lead synth”. This book is handwritten in the original manuscript but still pretty legible. This book will require an advanced player who can navigate the part and the programming.

Keyboard 2 is the most heavily programmed chair of the three. This book has more of the orchestral padding that adds to the depth of the live players. Some of these patches include strings in various articulations, vibes, harp, B3 organ, and clavinet. There are still quite a few synthesizer sounds as well including the “Raverborg”, “Squish”, “Bleep”, and “Pac-man” to name just a few. Like Key 1, this book is also in the original handwritten manuscript and will require an advanced player who can navigate the part and the dense programming.

Keyboard 3 is the conductor chair but has a fair amount of programming when playing. Some of these sounds include strings, piano, marimba, vibes, and ocarina (think Legend of Zelda) but there are also other fun patches such as claps, Magic Bells, string harmonics, and PONG. Just PONG. This chair will also require a proficient player who can navigate the part and the programming while leading the band.



Music by: David Shire
Lyrics by: Richard Maltby, Jr.
Book by: John Weidman
Music orchestrated by: Doug Besterman
Dance arrangements by: David Krane
Electronic music designed by: Brian Besterman
Additional vocal arrangements by: Patrick Brady
Musical Director: Paul Gemignani
Based on the Motion Picture “Big,” a film by 20th Century Fox written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg

1st US National Tour Music Team and Orchestra Members

Production Musical Director: Don Pippin
Musical Director: Constantine Kitsopoulos
Dance arrangements by Michael Morris
Conducted by: Constantine Kitsopoulos
Associate Conductor: David Gursky
Keyboard 1: Warren Prince
Keyboard 2: David Gursky
Drums: Barbara Merjan
Musical Coordinator: William Meade

Original 1996 Broadway Orchestra

Conducted by: Paul Gemignani
Associate Conductor: Nicholas Archer
Keyboards: Nicholas Archer, Brian Besterman and Patrick Brady
Violin: Suzanne Ornstein and Xin Zhao
Viola: Richard Brice
Cello: Clay C. Ruede
Bass: Charles Bergeron
Woodwind: Albert Regni, John Moses, Dennis Anderson, Eric Weidman and John Campo
French Horn: Ronald Sell and Michael Ishii
Trumpet: Joe Mosello, Danny Cahn and Dave Brown
Trombone: Bruce Eidem and Dean Plank
Guitar: Andrew Schwartz
Drums: Paul Pizzuti
Percussion: Thad Wheeler
Music Contractor: Ronald Sell
Music Preparation Supervisor: Peggy Serra


The classic 1987 motion picture fantasy bursts onto the stage in the unforgettable theatrical experience, Big The Musical. Featuring a witty, moving and insightful book by John Weidman (Assassins; Pacific Overtures; Road Show) and a dazzling, energetic, heartfelt, contemporary score by David Shire and Richard Maltby, Jr. (Baby; Closer than Ever; Starting Here, Starting Now) Big is a perfect show for audiences of all ages!

Josh Baskin is sick of being an awkward kid. At a carnival, he makes a wish to the Zoltar machine to become “big.” To his shock, his wish is granted. After an understandably awkward beginning, Josh is forced to do “adult” things, like getting a job and a girlfriend. In the end, he discovers that there’s much more to being an adult than he bargained for and learns that we must all grow up at our own pace, in our own time.


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