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The licensed orchestration by MTI is based on the Original 2019 Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium. Both books have extensive keyboard programming and require players with experience with dense programming. KeyboardTEK is proud to offer the original programming as heard in the original Broadway production and the cast album. Through a partnership with the programmer Taylor Williams and his team at Midiomatic, this will be the standard programming that is available for licensing in your production.

Keyboard 1 chair is the primary Piano book and requires a very proficient player and is not for the faint of heart. In addition to various acoustic pianos, other instruments in this book include theramin, strings, marimba, organ, zither, Wurly, and vibes.

Keyboard 2 is also a difficult book to prepare and play.The bulk of this book is the organs, but the synths are very important and often fast moving. This isn’t a symphonic book, but it’ll be a bit of a challenge for a young player. Patches include: zither, synth leads and pads, theramin, celeste, strings, Wurly, harp, sitar, and various pitched and non pitched percussion instruments.


Yamaha CP-300s for both keyboard chairs running MainStage on redundant Mac mini rigs.

Conductor had Ableton Live/QLab combo running.
K2 used standalone Kontakt running also with MIDI coming from MalletKAT in percussion booth.
Drummer used SPD-SX.


Music & Lyrics by: Eddie Perfect
Book by: Scott Brown and Anthony King
Based on the motion picture by the Geffen Company
Based on the Geffen Company Picture, with a story by: Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson
Music orchestrated by: Kris Kukul
Incidental music by: Kris Kukul
Dance arrangements by: David Dabbon
Additional Arrangements: Kris Kukul and Eddie Perfect
Musical Director: Kris Kukul
Musical Supervisor: Kris Kukul
Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines
Music Producer: Matt Stine

Original 2019 Broadway Orchestra

Conducted by: Kris Kukul
Associate Conductor: Adam Laird
Assistant Conductor: Joey Joseph
Keyboard 1: Adam Laird
Keyboard 2: Joey Joseph
Woodwinds: Vito Chiavuzzo and Jay Brandford
Trumpets: Tony Kadleck and Dylan Schwab
Trombones/Tuba: Nate Mayland
Basses: Conrad Korsch
Guitar: Sean Driscoll and John Putnam
Drums: Shannon Ford
Percussion: Joshua Mark Samuels
Violin (CM): Adda Kridler
Violin: Sarah Zun
Violin/Viola: Entela Barci
Cello: Alon Bisk
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation




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