A contemporary rock musical about identity, sexuality, and religion.



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A contemporary rock musical about identity, sexuality, and religion.


This licensed orchestration is based primarily on the 2004 Original Off-Broadway Production at American Theatre of Actors/ Chernuchin Theatre.

This show is orchestrated to be conducted from the Keyboard 1 chair. There are a total of 2 keyboard books in this show, both with programming.

Keyboard 1 is the primary piano book but does have several other patches including various other acoustic pianos, EP’s, organ, and synth elements such as leads, pads, and harp. This is a fairly straight forward book but exposed in spots with nuanced rock stylings. A player comfortable playing a more contemporary style of musical theater and pop/rock piano would be best. There is some improvisation in One Kiss and Promise where the music is written as slashes.

Keyboard 2 has more of the padding for the live players and includes sounds such as harp, synth pads, various EP’s, synth strings, Moog synth, synth leads, and B3 organ. This as extremely easy book to play compared to most other K2 musical books but there are a couple of songs where some light improvisation is required since there are slashes. A high school player would easily be able to navigate this book and the programming.


Book & Lyrics by: Jon Hartmere
Music by: Damon Intrabartolo
Music Director: Damon Intrabartolo

Original 2004 Off-Broadway Orchestra

Conductor: Damon Intrabartolo
Assistant Conductor: Jesse Vargas
Keyboards: Damon Intrabartolo, Jesse Vargas, David Madden
Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Kyle Smith
Acoustic Guitar: David Madden
Bass: Adam Countryman
Drums/Percussion: Kevin Rice


A group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school faces issues of sexuality and personal identity. As they struggle to come to terms with who they are, and who the world thinks they should be, they seek answers from their Church, their friends, and ultimately, from within themselves. Its rich, vibrant score draws on many styles of contemporary music.



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