The boys are back, but their war isn't over. Bandstand is an unflinching and honest new musical about confronting the cost of war and finding salvation in the notes of a song.



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The boys are back, but their war isn’t over.

Bandstand is an unflinching and honest new musical about confronting the cost of war and finding salvation in the notes of a song.


This licensed orchestration is based on the 2017 Original Broadway Production.

This show is orchestrated to be be player-conducted from the Keyboard 1 chair and there are a total of 3 keyboard books all with programming.

The Keyboard 1 book is the Piano/Conductor chair and requires an advanced pianist to navigate the part and programming while leading the band.

Keyboard 2 has a majority of the keyboard programming and adds orchestral padding to the live musicians. Keyboard 3 is also a Guitar book and will require a musician who can play keyboards and guitar and who is comfortable with patch changes.


Keyboard Programmer: Randy Cohen


Book by: Rob Taylor and Richard Oberacker
Music by: Richard Oberacker
Lyrics by: Rob Taylor and Richard Oberacker
Co-Orchestrator: Bill Elliott and Greg Anthony Rassen
Music arranged by: Greg Anthony Rassen
Vocal arrangements by: David Kreppel
Musical Director: Fred Lassen
Musical Supervisor: Greg Anthony Rassen

Original 2017 Broadway Orchestra

Conductor: Fred Lassen
Associate Conductor: Matt Perri
Keyboards: Fred Lassen and Matt Perri
Keyboard 3/Guitar: Matt Hinkley
Violin/Viola: Sylvia D’Avanzo
Reeds: Vito Chiavuzzo, Harry Hassell and Greg Riley
Trumpets: Nick Marchione and John Walsh
Trombones: Michael Boscarino and Jeff Caswell
Bass: Ray Kilday
Drums: Adam Wolfe
Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation and Alden Terry
Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines


It’s 1945. American soldiers return home to ticker tape parades and overjoyed families; Private First Class Donny Novitski, singer and songwriter, returns with the hope of rebuilding his life with just the shirt on his back and a dream in his heart.

When NBC announces a national competition to find the nation’s next swing band sensation, Donny joins forces with a motley group of fellow veterans, and together they form a band unlike any the nation has ever seen. However, complicated relationships, the demands of the competition, and the challenging after-effects of war may break these musicians. But, when Donny meets a beautiful, young singer named Julia, he finds the perfect harmony in words and music that could take this band of brothers all the way to the live radio broadcast finale in New York City. Victory will require every ounce of talent, stamina, and raw nerve that these musicians possess.



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