Three couples work their way towards parenthood under three VERY different sets of circumstances



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Three couples work their way towards parenthood under three VERY different sets of circumstances


This orchestration is based on the 2004 production at the Paper Mill Playhouse.

This show is orchestrated to be stick conducted from the podium. There are 3 keyboard books in this show with Keyboard 3 being optional (see below) all with programming.

Keyboard 1 is primarily piano but does have a handful of patches throughout. The patch list consists only of Acoustic Piano, pipe oprgan, ethereal synth, cosmic synth, rock organ, harp, and Fender Rhodes. If you have a modern keyboard with onboard sounds, you could easily program this yourself. You will need an advanced level pianist/keyboardist to play this book.

Keyboard 2 has the most programming of all 3 of the books in terms of number of patches and types of sounds. It is not as technically difficult as Key 1 and an advanced high school player could likely navigate this part. Some of the sounds and patches found in the programming are woodwinds, orchestral percussion, harpsichord, various acoustic and electric pianos, celeste, harp, harmonica, strings, and lots of synth elements (pads, polysynths, and the ever so specific “sine wave beep”, “ethereal mysterious sound”, and our favorite, the “cool sound with movement” patch.

Keyboard 3 book is essentially a “string reduction”—in that it is designed as a supplement (or substitute) for the Violin and Cello parts. If your production is not able to hire or house enough string players for the Violin and Cello books, this book can be used to fill in those gaps—either partially, or entirely. Should your production utilize enough string players to cover the Violin and Cello books fully, it is not necessary to have a player cover this book. However, you may still choose to have someone on Keyboard 3, to enhance the live strings in your pit. It is left to the discretion of the Music Director to determine whether or not Keyboard 3 is essential for your production.


Keyboard Programming: Kevin Roland


Music by: David Shire
Lyrics by: Richard Maltby, Jr.
Book by: Sybille Pearson
Music orchestrated by: Jonathan Tunick
Musical Director: Peter Howard
Assistant Conductor: Les Scott
Music Contractor: Seymour “Red” Press
Assistant to Mr. Maltby: Stephen Helper
Based on a story developed with Susan Yankowitz


Is there anything more exciting, frightening and utterly transformational than impending parenthood? Baby, the musical from acclaimed duo, Richard Maltby, Jr., and David Shire, examines how parents-to-be experience the emotional stresses and triumphs, as well as the desperate lows and the comic highs that accompany the anticipation and arrival of a baby.

Three couples on a university campus deal with the painful, rewarding and agonizingly funny consequences of the universal experience of pregnancy and upcoming parenthood. There are the college students, barely at the beginning of their adult lives; the thirty-somethings, having trouble conceiving but determined to try; and the middle-aged parents, looking forward to seeing their last child graduate from college… when a night of unexpected passion lands them back where they started.


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