Avenue Q School Edition

A puppet-filled comedy follows a group of twenty-somethings seeking their purpose in big-city life. (Adapted for High School Performers)

Avenue Q School Edition


Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2


A puppet-filled comedy follows a group of twenty-somethings seeking their purpose in big-city life. (Adapted for High School Performers)


This licensed orchestration is based on the Original 2003 Broadway Production and although there are some changes to the script and lyrics for this version, the orchestration remains the same.

This show is orchestrated to be player-conducted from the Keyboard 1/Conductor book. There are two keyboard parts in this show both with lots of programming.

The Piano/Conductor book is the primary piano book and will require an advanced player familiar with the show to navigate the part and the programming while leading the band.  There are close to 50 patch changes in this book. Some of those patches include various acoustic pianos, xylophone, celeste, tack piano, electric piano, harpsichord, synth bells, and a music box among others.

Keyboard 2 is not as difficult as Key 1 but has triple the amount of patches with close to 160 in total. An advanced level high school student could navigate this book if they are comfortable with the amount of patch changes while playing. Some of these sounds include various orchestral percussion, strings, celeste, woodwinds, brass, accordion, guitar, B3 organ, clavinet, and acoustic pianos.


Kurzweil 2600 for both keyboards


Music & Lyrics by: Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Book by: Jeff Whitty
Based on an original concept by: Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Musical Director: Gary Adler
Incidental music by: Gary Adler
Music arranged by: Stephen Oremus
Music orchestrated by: Stephen Oremus

Conducted by: Gary Adler
Musical Supervisor: Stephen Oremus
Associate Conductor: Mark Hartman
Keyboard 1: Gary Adler
Keyboard 2/Synth: Mark Hartman
Reeds (Tenor saxophone/Flute/Clarinet): Patience Higgins
Drums/Bongos: Michael Croiter
Acoustic & Electric Bass: Maryann McSweeney
Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Banjo: Brian Koonin
Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller
Music Copying: Emily Grishman and Alex Lacamoire


Winner of the Tony “Triple Crown” for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, Avenue Q School Edition is part flesh, part felt and packed with heart.

The laugh-out-loud musical tells the timeless story of a recent college grad named Princeton, who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. He soon discovers that, although the residents seem nice, it’s clear that this is not your ordinary neighborhood. Together, Princeton and his new-found friends struggle to find jobs, dates and their ever-elusive purpose in life.

Note: Because the original Avenue Q has some content elements that have previously made it a difficult choice for some high school productions, MTI worked with the Avenue Q authors to create an adaptation that maintains the dramatic (and comedic) intention and integrity of the piece, while editing it to make it more appropriate for high school audiences and performers.


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