A Man of No Importance

This tender story of family, friendship and acceptance teaches us that it really is a wonderful thing to "love who you love."

A Man of No Importance


Keyboard 1


This tender story of family, friendship and acceptance teaches us that it really is a wonderful thing to “love who you love.”


This version is based on the Original 2002 Off-Broadway Production at the Lincoln Center Theatre.

A Man of No Importance is orchestrated for 2 keyboard players, the first being the Keyboard 1/Conductor book and the other is a synthesizer book. It is labelled Keyboard 1 on the MTI website but this is the Synthesizer book. The Keyboard 1/Conductor or PC book contains programming although it is primarily a piano book. This will require an advanced player capable of leading the small band from the piano. The patches in this book add lots of color to the score and include various aux percussion, mallet percussion, traditional Irish instruments like the Bodhran, Uillean Pipes, and Irish Harp, along with Celeste, strings, and even calliope to name just a few. This is a very satisfying book to play.

Keyboard 2 has more programming with all of the sounds adding color and layering to the small orchestration. The patch list includes instruments such as Strings, various pianos, Horns, Accordion, Lots of Percussion elements, Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, Hammond B3, as well as various brass and woodwind instruments. There is even a great glass harmonica patch in some of the songs. This book could be played by an advanced high school student who is not afraid of all of the programming.


Book by: Terrence McNally
Music by: Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens
Based on the movie “A Man of No Importance”
Music Director: Ted Sperling
Vocal Arrangements by: Stephen Flaherty
Orchestrations by: William D. Brohn and Christopher Jahnke
Conductor: Rob Berman


Winner of the 2003 Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, A Man of No Importance is the second successful collaboration by the team of Terrence McNally, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, all of whom won Tony Awards for Ragtime.

Alfie Byrne is a bus driver in 1964 Dublin whose heart holds secrets that he can’t share with anyone but his imagined confidante, Oscar Wilde. When he attempts to put on an amateur production of Wilde’s Salome in the local church hall, he confronts the forces of bigotry and shame over a love “that dare not speak its name.” But the redemptive power of theatre changes his life and brings his friends back to his side.


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