Alice By Heart

A young girl takes refuge in a London Tube station during WWII and confronts grief, loss, and love with the help of her favorite book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice By Heart




A young girl takes refuge in a London Tube station during WWII and confronts grief, loss, and love with the help of her favorite book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


This licensed orchestration is based on the Original 2019 Off-Broadway Production which premiered at the Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater in NYC.

This show is orchestrated to be conducted from the Keyboard/Conductor chair and it is the only keyboard book in the entire 7 pc orchestration.

Although the Keyboard/Conductor book is primarily piano, there are a couple of other sounds including bass and steel drums but what makes the programming and the MainStage file so special is that through a partnership with the original music team and MTI, we are offering the original Ableton tracks directly within MainStage so everything is in one software package. In the original production, they used prerecorded tracks for certain songs that were played underneath the live musicians using a piece of software called Ableton. This required a very expensive program with a very steep learning curve as well as an entirely separate computer setup to run but KeyboardTEK has taken the individual stems and tracks and created both a playable track and click track that you can discretely listen to while playing and conducting while keeping the band and the prerecorded tracks in sync. It is super simple to use and sounds fantastic. All of the instructions are in the MainStage file and of course our wonderful support team is happy to walk you through it if you have any questions.



Keyboard Programming by: Kevin Roland


Book by: Steven Sater and Jessie Nelson
Music & Orchestrations by: Duncan Sheik
Lyrics by: Steven Sater
Additional Orchestrations by: Simon Hale
Music Director: Jason Hart
Associate Music Director: Jacob Yates
Vocal Arrangements by: Jason Hart


Keyboard/Conductor: Jason Hart
Bass: Simon Kafka
Cello: Jacob Yates
Drums: Yuval Lion
Guitars: Andy StackSimon Kafka
Trumpet: Kate Amrine
Woodwinds: Chris Reza


When the madness of the world is too much to bear, we take refuge in the stories we love. TONY® and GRAMMY® award-winning creators of SPRING AWAKENING, STEVEN SATER and DUNCAN SHEIK, reunite for their new musical ALICE BY HEART, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and directed and co-written by JESSIE NELSON (WAITRESS).

In the rubble of the London Blitz of World War II, Alice Spencer’s budding teen life is turned upside down, and she and her dear friend Alfred are forced to take shelter in an underground tube station. When the ailing Alfred is quarantined, Alice encourages him to escape with her into their cherished book and journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

As they travel through the tale, ALICE BY HEART explores the poignancy of first love, coming to terms with loss, and finding the courage to move forward. This world premiere musical encourages us all to celebrate the transformational power of the imagination, even in the harshest of times.


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