ordering process

End User Places Order

the end user receives an email saying “we received your order and will get back to you with in 1 day”

Review order(s)

Any order with a status of Quote Request is a new order. Click on the order to see the order detail. After reviewing the order for accuracy you may then process the order.

Process order

Assuming the order looks valid, you can send an email to the end user so they can pay for the programming files:

Change Order Status to Quote Sent

Include Payment Link & Message

After Credit Card Payment

If an end user pays with a credit card, they will immediately have access to the download files, both on their confirmation screen: [ screen grab here ]

as well as in a confirmation email:

The order is then automatically changed to “Completed”

After Check Payment

When the end user selects the “Pay by Check” option, the checkout process will be similar to the “Pay by Credit Card” except the resulting confirmation screen and notification email will NOT have the download links.
[ screen grabs ]

Change Order Status

Change Order Status from “Quote Sent” to “Completed”

This will send an email with the download links